Nelson Mandela: An Indispensable Life in Pictures (3/3)

Simple Message

Mandela supporters perch on a billboard in Durban, April 1994.

Victory Salute

Surrounded by bodyguards, Mandela celebrates his triumph in April elections, and prepares to assemble South Africa’s first multi-racial government.

Swearing In

Mandela, 75, takes the oath of office in the political capital Pretoria as the first democratically elected President of South Africa. De Klerk, once an adversary, joined government as Mandela’s deputy.

Man of the People

Mandela tours Cape Town’s Eerste River township in November 2000. The year before, he opted to not contest for re-election, giving way to his party deputy Thabo Mbeki. Under Mbeki’s ANC government, economic — less than racial — inequality would come to define South Africa in the post-apartheid era.

South African Icon

Mandela addresses a conference on AIDS in Durban, July 2000. Mandela is credited wit breaking the conspiracy of silence that surrounded the disease in his home country.


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