Nelson Mandela: An Indispensable Life in Pictures (2/3)

The Troubles

In the Athlone neighborhood of Cape Town, regime police use horsewhips against protesters demonstrating in support of the jailed Mandela. Ruthless crackdowns, mass protests and bouts of insurgent violence across the country’s townships captured world attention and generated international support against the apartheid state.

Free at Last

Mandela walks with his wife Winnie after being released from prison, Feb. 11, 1990.

Home Free

Nelson and Winnie Mandela watch a performance at a homecoming party after his release from prison. Feb 23, 1990.

Eye on the Prize

In 1993, Mandela is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize alongside then South African President F.W. de Klerk, whose rapprochement with Mandela and the ANC helped engineer the end of apartheid.


Mandela greets the crowds on the campaign trail in February 1994 as South Africa readies for its first all-race general election.


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