The Unbreakable Bond of Twins: Newborn Twins Captured Hugging During Bath. {Video}

Now in Spain a new law of abortion is being discussed… the feminist lobbies argue in favour of a “right” to have an abortion with no time limits. Don’t kill ’em, just give’m to me please! The European Commision says there is no such thing as a right to abortion.

This video, posted by a French nurse, is of newborn twin babies hugging and intertwined throughout their entire bath.

Sonia Rochel posted this video on YouTube to showcase a new infant bathing technique and it’s since gone viral. 
Rochel, a staff member of a Paris clinic who specializes in early childcare development, became famous when she developed a newborn-version of a spa bath or a “Thalasso bain bébé” as it known in France.
The bathing technique involves massaging and bathing the newborns for 15 minutes to the sounds of soothing music, without the use of soap. Rochel wanted to display the importance of bath time being a relaxing experience for both babies and parents. However, this particular sharing of the twins’ footage has taken over the web.
(Side note, I’m an identical twin, and this video touches my heart. Love you, sister !)

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